Case Study

Rise Broadband


Rise Broadband was revamping their entire brand, down to the nuts and bolts of the new ways their customers—both SMB and residential—wanted to do business. A new website would be integral to this process, with the end goal providing e-commerce functionality.

With proprietary CRMs, hosting, and address validation in place, the website build, and particularly the transition to e-commerce capabilities, would be a complex one.


In a rapidly changing digital world, it can be difficult for large companies to quickly alter course to match new customer demands. One of those increasingly popular demands is to be able to shop and purchase from the comfort of one’s computer, and not with a sales call. Rise Broadband saw this change happening and knew they needed to adjust to their customers’ preferences—not the other way around.


Wana Brands commissioned August Allen to build a data-driven Web-based AR experience that brings their product packaging to life, providing the user with educational and entertaining content. Once consumers trigger the experience by scanning the QR code on the packaging, users are surrounded by a 360-degree view of 3D animations enabling them to select and interact with the new Live Rosin gummy flavors. In addition, August Allen integrated Google analytics into the experience to track in-depth user engagement and geo-location analytics to understand consumer engagement. Which allows Wana to directly access key engagement metrics such as the number of users, quantity of views, and average time-in-experience, and click-through rates.


A new and simplified customer journey was implemented, one that tracked with their refreshed brand design. The website was migrated for greater backend accessibility and increased customizable functionality, bringing the website into a modern-day “shopping cart” world.