Augmented Reality

AR has been experiencing a huge growth cycle over the past year. This is due to mobile devices adopting native functionality to accommodate the tech.

QR codes nearly died off because users were unwilling to download an app to scan them. Once the scanning capabilities were added to all mobile OS, QR codes popped up everywhere. Now that AR has browser and native mobile delivery options, it is experiencing a huge surge as a proven arm for brands and their successful marketing efforts.  

It’s Simple

Almost anything a phone’s camera can be pointed at can be used to trigger digital media on the device: Video, e-commerce, websites, etc. Users can then interact with your brand on a more intimate level while increasing the average engagement time and conversion rate.

Today, brands have to communicate differently in order to gain the trust of their customers. Understanding customers and actively responding to customer needs is required. 

The key to this is Participation. But not in the sense of user-generated content, the customer decides independently when and where he wants to access which brand information.

Interaction with products that have an AR Experience leads to a 94% higher conversion rate.

Game Changer

AR opens up new dimensions for advertising by combining each vertical communication touchpoint to a full Customer Experience.


Our Augmented Reality Technology transforms flyers, print ads, packages, posters or any other kind of printed collateral into a dynamic and powerful e-commerce machine. We close the brands gap between print and digital – in any industry, language, location.

The Work



Your print ads will literally jump off the page using ARI™ technology. Not only can you provide product variations,  demonstrations and information, but you can lead consumers directly to your online shop for an immediate purchase.



This Nespresso ad went from just a pretty ad in a magazine to a multi-media explosion, utilizing multiple elements of the campaign 



Connecting digital brand stories on labels and packages allows consumers to take a deep dive with your product and brand. Using video, photos, and links, you can provide product demonstrations, variations and information as we did with this WW package.



Imagine simply applying a sticker to the back of a stadium seat that was connected to a dynamic digital experience. Fans could point their mobile device at the sticker to access exclusive content, such as player videos, scouting reports, discounted ticket information, etc. Add a link to the team store and they can buy merchandise. The fan experience is limitless and better yet, can be customized for each event using the same sticker.