Technology is ever changing, but the one integration that is sure to skyrocket over the next few years is augmented reality. AR allows us to experience brands in different ways and mix traditional forms of marketing with new.    Formed in 2020 with the sole purpose of delivering the best Augmented Reality content in the business, August Allen AR is the result of a polyamorous marriage between great branding, creative thinking, and killer technology.   At August Allen, we believe integrating your brand with AR will make or break the customer experience. Nowadays, brands have to communicate differently to be heard above the noise, gain trust and provide utility. Understanding customers and actively responding to their needs is mandatory.   Aside from user-generated content or reviews on Amazon, brands need active customer participation. AR provides the meeting ground where the brand has what the customer needs when and where they’re ready. Studies have found that interactions with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate.   But how do we do this?   Regardless of what some may say, print is not dead. Print is how brands get tangible value into the hands of their consumers and then blow them away with interactive multimedia—AR.    By combining your current Print efforts with August Allen AR, you’ll get the modern features and intelligence of digital ads with the timeless appeal of printed media. Augmented Reality transforms flyers, print ads, packages, posters and any other kind of printed collateral into a dynamic and powerful e-commerce machine. We can close the gap between print and digital—in any industry, language and location.   Features may include:

  • Added utility and engagement
  • Tracking and data gathering
  • Dynamic content

(digital experience can change often while print ads stay the same)

  • Recipes and suggestions
  • Embedded ecommerce
  • Social sharing

  Some of our work has been helping Nespresso and Weight Watchers display product demonstrations and brand value through AR print ads and packaging. We imagine a future filled with not only print-based AR, but location-based AR where consumers can scan stadiums, maps, vendor generated content and more to link experiences with e-commerce.    Our exclusive partnership with the snoopstar app allows this all to be possible. By taking the time to truly understand your clear and measurable goals, we help you create an AR platform loaded into snoopstar and let the experience work its magic.    Ready to explore the world of August Allen’s AR today? Contact us today