The past few months have seen a monumental effort on the part of the government and private industry to vaccinate citizens. It looks like the country could be seeing the beginnings of a mask-less future.

(Though you should still carry masks when venturing out in public, at least for the next few months. Be kind and respectful to the clerks, servers, and retailers who have worked through Covid-19. They got hit harder than most of the country did.)

In other words, it seems that the future has a shot at feeling more like the past used to feel, those times before the pandemic. Let’s hope that the business world continues to bounce back from Covid-19.

No. It is our hope that the business world learns from the experiences of 2020 and becomes something better than the old model.

After the chaos of last year, millions of talented professionals—across every industry and at every level from administrative to executive—are in need of employment. The Covid-19 layoffs disproportionately affected women, especially women of color.

This fact is a sign of the old way of thinking, the world before the pandemic. Right now, the business world has the chance to change.

Fortunately for agencies, clients seem to be spending again. Last year’s collective hesitation to invest in marketing communications efforts seems to be diminishing. This is great news. Yes, it’s good to keep the lights on.

But…we’d love to see working relationships improve.

Staying forever in “ready, fire, aim” mode—this is the time to change that. Let’s also rediscover long-term strategic approaches to problems.

While technology offers so many possibilities, too many times marketers have treated innovations that came along like they were the new, shiny things and nothing more. Going into the post-pandemic, clients need to maximize their ability to reach their consumers. That means staying focused on their own issues instead of the latest apps. Fitting technology into their lives instead of the other way around.

The country is not out of the tunnel yet. There’s still lots of uncertainty. But the climate feels better than it felt at this point last year, so that counts for something.

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