To call this past year a monumental one would be a huge understatement, not to mention disrespectful to the folks who lost loved ones to Covid-19 and those still suffering from the virus. Come to think of it, those people who lost their jobs probably wouldn’t appreciate a flippant tone, either. 

And, unfortunately, it’s not over yet. Not to sound too negative, but we need to keep focusing on doing our part to drive the numbers down. 

While the vaccine development has been a monumental achievement, the majority of Americans still have not received their doses. This means that the country has a ways to go before reaching herd immunity. Also, other countries have locked down once again and that could very well happen in the United States, so we need to prepare for that possibility. 


Okay, take a deep breath. 


Fortunately for us, we have the first lockdown to learn from. If another one were to be put in place, we can rely on what we discovered last year to make this new lockdown easier. For starters, the whole concept won’t feel as foreign. We figured out a new morning routine to replace the commute to the office. We know where to position the computer for Zoom calls. We understand the importance of reaching out to friends and loved ones, even if it’s just virtually, to nurture those human connections and keep them strong. 

While the pandemic is not over yet, we’ve come a long way in a year. And when we do get Covid-19 under control, we will be operating in a new world. Which will be a good thing. 

We’ve found our footing as we adapted to coronavirus’ effects on our lives. We had the pleasure of meeting prospective clients who still wanted to charge forward with their marketing communications. Even with all of the uncertainty, We believe that the future will be even better. If you’re wondering about your business’ future, give us a call. We’d love to chat.