The business landscape of 2021 is, to put it mildly, fragile. How does a company comfortably and aggressively market themselves in this uncertain environment?

Pretending things are somewhat normal may seem like the PC move. It can be tempting to put on a happy face. We get it. Especially when businesses have employees to think about.

Then again, rethinking the company’s messaging to directly address this pandemic—and readying the company to take heat for taking an activist stance—makes sense, too. With so much unrest, even at the higher levels of government, brave leaders who address the issues can make a name for themselves.

Which path is right?

As we think about this new economy, so many new questions exist now. Customers, both consumers and business clients, are stressed. What is the best way to go about talking to them? Or…is it even ethical or moral to try?

We’re beyond using the phrase “in these unprecedented times…” in our communications. But these are unprecedented times indeed.

The team at August Allen wants to help clients answer these types of questions. Or whatever keeps them awake at night.