Digital. Branding. Sure, both of those terms are great. (They also happen to make up the core of the August Allen agency’s business offering, how we earn our livings.)

But maybe marketing needs to focus on communicating more. That means ideas. It means maximizing digital and branding resources to bring those ideas to life and then, yes, communicate them.

Too often, the “ready, fire, aim” approach fails. If you want to unpack this analogy, the term “aim” means “to figure out what you want to say and what the target audience wants to hear—and determining whether or not those two are aligned.” If a company and their communications agency start thinking about this “aiming” issue after those fancy e-mail campaigns and cool commercials have been created, they risk missing the mark. They set themselves up for failure.

Any target audience is, when you think about it, just a bunch of people. People want to communicate. They’re not looking to download an app from your company. They don’t seek out your branding message.

When teams get too busy executing and meeting tight schedules, their reason for being—communicating relevant information to the most receptive people—can get lost.

Your audience is busy. They got things to do. Like communicate with people and organizations that interest them. Solid branding and digital campaigns communicate, above all else. They get your prospects interested in your product offering.

Communication starts conversations. And when done right, conversations convert to sales.

Maybe that’s what I want to focus on for 2021.

August Allen