Marketing firms are always on the lookout for large clients. August Allen is no different.

But this year, the pandemic has created so much economic upheaval. Our team is asking holiday shoppers to consider helping out your hometown businesses by patronizing them instead of buying from larger corporations. Many smaller companies bank on this time of year. If they don’t rack up big sales in December, they go under.

And this year, so many businesses have faltered. While we look forward to a stronger 2021, we can’t forget the folks who experienced difficulties in 2020.

Why not give your friends and loved ones a gift that isn’t made in a factory overseas? Find something handcrafted and unique. Discover a local service that can’t be found anywhere else. Surprise your family and contribute to keeping your fellow citizens employed at the same time.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Let’s power through and finish this year…then wipe the slate clean and start off next year on the right foot.