How has your business changed in nine months?

The pandemic has now reached the point where children have been conceived, carried to full term, and delivered in that span of time since the first lockdowns started. We all learned that coronavirus was going to drastically alter operations for the business world—and it sure has. In February, the phrase “social distancing” entered the national conversation. We learned the added importance of washing our hands. The business world discovered Zoom meetings and the joy of attending meetings wearing nice shirts with sweatpants.

Now it’s nine months later. How does your future look?

August Allen wants to know how you have adapted. That array of marketing challenges…how well do you think your business has dealt with them?

While stress is still part of life these days, hopefully the initial shocks have worn off. If not, we’d like to learn more and see if we can help. If so, our team would like to figure out how we can contribute to building upon your success.

Even if you’re not looking for a branding/digital marketing resource at the moment, here is a quick offering, free of charge from us. Something simple, but it might be helpful. Grab a notebook or piece of paper and think about the real changes that your business has seen over the course of nine months. Write down all specific ways your operations have been altered since March 2020. Just put as many on the paper as you think fit. (It isn’t a test.) After you think you’ve captured the necessary thoughts, remember that what we’ve faced has been far from normal—nothing like this current environment has ever been seen before.

And we’re going to get through it.

August Allen would like to talk further, see if we could help you get through it more effectively.

We’re here, let’s talk!